Steakhouse Moebino

Iinan-cho has flourished as a town of wagyu beef, and in old times hosted a large cattle market. To this day, wagyu cattle are still raised here, surrounded by an abundance of nature. “Eating at the ranch” – the safest way to eat, and deliciously cheap! Steakhouse Moebino’s chefs grill with purpose – to share the deliciousness of Iinan-raised beef with as many people as possible. “Okuizumo Wagyu” steak; in the city, these cuts of beef sell for more than twice the local price. However, Steakhouse Moebino is a JA Unnan Company establishment, meaning this very same beef can be savored here in a carefree, casual environment. Be sure to give it a try!

Tel:+81-854-76-2983 1664 KamiAkana, Iinan-cho