Iinan Japan Travel Guide

What is Iinan?

There is nothing attractive in Iinan Town Everyone in this town says so; however,each one has something to be proud of. Then, what is the treasure of Iinan Town? Japan’s largest Shimenawa rope! Beautiful peonies!
The power of nature – Forest therapyR Kamiarizuki, the month when all the Shinto kami (deities) gather in Izumo,begins on Mt. Kotobiki!
The grand story of the historical romance! Sake, Okuizumo Wagyu beef, pickles, apples, shitake mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, boar meat, blueberries, yacon, edible wild plants, and the sacred music and dance of Okuiishi Kagura… We can cite with no bounds.
However, the true treasures are… The kind-hearted people living in this town.